John L. (bincaster) wrote,
John L.

I've been wanting to make this post for a while, but it probably won't work from everyone's already full schedules. I've only told a couple people about it, but most were not excited about it, at least not noticably.

As some probably know, I was getting into Gameboy Advance programming over the summer. That project eventually died, becuase I lost most of my motivation for it. (I need to get back to finish it off, but I was making a few modifications that I never got around to.)

My idea: I want to make a gameboy development team, just to program a game to get some experience on a professional(ish) project. This would be open to anyone, as long as they were willing to contribute. Several jobs/positions would be available, including programmer, artist (both concept art and in game art), advertizing specialist (including the website/livejournal, which would go to Navi.), dialogue/story, sound (but not for a while), inventory/item creation, etc. (I'm sorry if this list sounds a bit jumbled. I'm more than a bit tired at the time.) Most of what I've heard is "I'm not good at programming so I won't be able to participate." No. There are other jobs, just look above.

First, before the programming of the game beings, I want to do a little bit of programming on the side, mostly to help manage the information (the programming can be a bit tough with [i think, if I'm remembering right] about 320 bytes of RAM). This would just make it a bit easier to handle all the information. If anyone wants a start, there should be a tutorial at
Also, the game is at nothing right now. We need ideas, people! I know Zach W. had a bunch of good ideas, so if you want to contribute one of those, or something new. Go ahead. Just give something, a story/level/character/magic design, um... Well that pretty much sums it up. Maybe if you have a unique idea for the battle system, or even if there's something that you don't want to see (If you hated the ABS system of FFVII or Chrono Trigger, then speak against it.) The only thing that I'm claiming for myself is the experience system, which I've been brainstorming since the end of 9th grade.

If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. you know what to do. Even if you want to yell at me for trying to do something like this, it's better than everyone ignoring me. If you're interested in trying (you don't need to dedicate all you time, just bits and pieces of code/art/contributions/etc.) post something too. Jaa ne.
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